Miami Quarterly, February 2012

For the first time in years, Miami University Student Radio has been creating buzz throughout campus. “The Absolute Show,” hosted by seniors Patrick Bacon, Dominic Randazzo and Vince Krevas, is unique in both its content and style.

It’s a Tuesday night, five minutes before airing time. Krevas flips on the studio while Bacon reads through the weekend’s NFL scores and Randazzo skims through the night’s itinerary. At 9 p.m. Krevas comes on air:

“Welcome back to ‘The Absolute Show.’ Patty’s in a bad mood and I generally don’t like Dom, but I’m doing pretty good.”

The chemistry between the hosts is distinct enough to be heard over the air, not only as college friends and roommates, but as Cleveland-native childhood friends. Krevas and Randazzo have been neighbors since they were infants and both met Bacon in high school.

“Friends have more to say to one another,” Bacon says. “We’re not afraid to state our opinion about sports, current events or even each other.”

With such a tight friendship comes distinct style. Krevas normally sits by the controllers, monitoring volume, breaks and in-coming calls. He keeps the microphone close to his mouth while scrolling through sport scores and movie releases.

Randazzo sits to Krevas’s right, holding the microphone close to his mouth while reviewing the topic list and staying on top of searches. Bacon sits across from Krevas, browsing through concert shows and NFL scores on the computer, leaning into his mic to make a comment.

The music breaks are usually dependable on their mood, but Bacon will generally request to throw on some dubstep.

In the first semester of their senior year, whether it was a discussion or argument, the boys always found themselves in an ongoing conversation about what was going on in sports, current events and school.

“We thought that having our own radio show that was honest and controversial would be fun to do and reach out to other students like us,” Randazzo says.

The boys met with the general manager of WMSR, Rachel Lanka. All they needed was to discuss their ideas, time slot and come up with a title for their show.

The name “The Absolute Show” was first called the “Dom and Cops Show” because the hosts were originally just Randazzo and Krevas.

“Bacon came on the first airing and it worked out really well so we figured we needed to change the name to a general name,” Krevas says. “’The Absolute Show’ came basically from throwing out name ideas between us three and that was the one we liked the best.”

The hosts touch on topics like sports, “V-Necks,” for guys, and weekend happenings. They say they’re not afraid to state their opinions and encourage participation from other students. They allow on-air callers throughout the show to give a shot-out or jump in on an argument about a current topic in discussion. To grab more listeners, they created a Facebook page and Twitter account, which are steadily gaining likes and followers.

“One thing we don’t want to do was let the regulations of the station take away from our personalities and who we are,” Krevas says. “I’m not saying we break the rules, because we don’t, but we do speak our minds and we aren’t afraid to be honest.”

There is always constant joking and laughing between the hosts, even if they are ganging up on one another.

“Pat and Vince always team up on me,” Randazzo says. “But that’s just because they need to feel better about themselves.”

Despite all the responsibilities that come with being a senior in college, the hosts say they always look forward to the hour they have to let loose during the week.

“Despite what all we have going on, we do it for fun,” Krevas says. “It’s fun to have a hobby on the side that we have something to show for.”

Although none of their main career aspirations involve radio, if given the opportunity, all three would like to continue talk-show radio after college.

The Absolute Show airs from 9 – 10 p.m. every Tuesday on