MU Parking Fees Increase

Have you ever wondered the most common location for parking citations issued on Miami’s campus? Of the approximately 123,400 tickets cited by the Miami Police Department since 2008, 14 percent were issued in the parking lots behind the Shriver Center. Of the 17,000 tickets issued in the Shriver parking lots since 2008, 9,000 were given in the Shriver East parking lot and 8,000 are given in the Shriver West parking lot. These two lots comprise the entire area located behind the widely used student center.

Of the 140 areas that are considered parking lots throughout Miami’s campus, the second highest amount of citations since 2008 has occurred in the Bachelor parking lot. However, unlike the Shriver parking lot, these spaces have only been cited with three percent of the total citations issued.

Many students and faculty have wondered why such a high number of parking citations have been issued in only three years. Parking enforcement staff may issue one warning citation per license plate per year to a car parked in violation, but after that citations will be given whenever a car is parked illegally. However, a warning will not be issued for the following violations: parking in a handicap zone, reproduction or illegal use of a permit, and immobilization/impoundment. “It is important to consider the number of parking spaces in calculating parking violations by weighting the size of the parking lots and acknowledging that parking lot spaces fluctuate over time as a result of reallocated spaces,” says Lieutenant Ben Spilman of the Miami University Police Department. This may account for the large number of tickets in lots around Shriver and Bachelor, which both have around 100 spots.

According to the graphs, Millet parking lot has the most allocated parking spaces,

approximately 1600. North Campus Garage totaled around 660 parking spaces, slightly more than the Campus Avenue Garage. The street that acquired the largest amount of parking spaces is Oak Street, which totaled 180 parking spots.

Miami University senior Jamie Reidford has received 13 parking violations since her freshman year at Miami, none of which occurred off-campus in Oxford. “It’s easy to find a parking spot in Oxford, but since spots at Miami are so limited, it’s difficult to find places to park, even for a few minutes to drop something off, without getting a ticket,” says Reidford.

Students can use the convenient LOG-IN service that allows them to park on campus during restricted hours for up to 20 minutes, which comes especially handy for the times when you simply need to drop off a paper. The LOG-IN privilege may be used up to four times per semester and the student must have a Miami parking permit in order to utilize the service. Students can call Parking Services at 529-8535 before parking and if one receives a citation during the log-in period, it will be voided.

The safest way to avoid receiving a ticket on campus is by obtaining a correct permit. According to Miami University’s motor vehicle regulations, a permit is required at all times to park in a university lot and is required from Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm to park on city streets that run through or adjoin campus.

Certain parking lots are more prone to having citations issued, but it is not simply the number of spaces or obtaining a correct permit that is the reasoning for this. Some locations have more students violating the rules of each lot based on the necessity of the building they are parking by or by the location relative to other important on-campus buildings. The top ten locations, which can be seen in the map below, give insight to the most heavily ticketed parking lots.

“I park in the Campus Avenue Garage any time I want to go to the rec or am running late to my English classes,” says Miami University senior Trish McKillip. “It ends up being cheaper when I pay based upon how long I am parked in there, which is usually pretty short, instead of paying for a year long permit.”

Since 2008 to 2009, parking ticket citations at Miami University have decreased by about 14 percent, compared to the following year that showed a 25 percent increase. Projections show this year to be in a similar trend with a current approximation of 2,500 ticket citations as of late November.

There are countless ways student parkers can violate Miami’s parking regulations, which explains how it is so easy to rack up heavy fines. “The most frustrating part about Miami’s parking regulations is that the fees are so much more expensive than if receiving a parking violation off-campus,” says Miami University senior Megan Saab. When receiving a violation on-campus for parking overtime at a meter, a minute over can give someone a fine for $10, whereas off-campus, a $10 fine is given within a 48-hour time frame.

Miami University students can all relate to times when they are simply running late or need to park somewhere for a short period of time, yet take the risk of getting a ticket. As stated, Miami University Parking Services enforce parking rules and regulations on campus, which makes it difficult to get a break from receiving a parking ticket. The advice to students is simply use common sense when parking on-campus by checking parking signs, obtaining a valid permit, paying parking meters, and if you are one to get a ticket… pay it. It is also suggested that students carpool or use Miami transportation in order to decrease traffic congestion on campus.

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